Back To You Masterclass

It’s Time to Get in The Best Shape of Your Life, regardless of how old you are! It’s Time to Gain back your confidence or find it for the 1st Time 🙂

We all had a crazy year in 2020. Lots of changes, challenges, and realizations. Then we finally got to the summer of 2021 and even though we all promised that we would get our bikini bodies back by now, we had other priorities.

Then the kids started school. Then we stayed alone for a minute and heard that tiny, itty bitty voice inside saying…It’s time. It’s time to Get Back To You. It’s Time to prioritize Yourself! It’s Time to Do Something for You!

The Back To You Masterclass is All About You!

There is so much information out there about fitness and health, the problem is that the wellness industry makes billions of dollars a year, so it’s technically not in their best interest, to tell you the truth.

It’s more profitable to tell you the partial truth or, as in many cases, the mixed and patched up truth and then there are the endless lies of course.

It’s a full-time job to read everything, to follow up on the newest trends, to try them out, to separate the useful information from the harmful, and that’s just before we are ready to do a diet or put or workout sneakers on.

It’s something like when I took my 3 little kids skiing. By the time I have had their outfits and equipment on and we were standing on the ski run, I just wanted to cry and go home! :))))

The “Back To You Masterclass” will give you the Hand Picked Tools that will Guarantee That your fitness and Health Journey will be successful. We’ve studied and researched these subjects for decades and we are eager to pass this information down.

I just wish I would have attended this class when I was lost, discouraged, and overweight, instead of trusting that I will figure this out on my own. I did, in the end, but that took a long time and experimentation, a lot of effort, money, and resources. Why would you put yourself through that, especially nowadays, when the information changes rapidly and there are crooks ready to lure you in, on every corner.

The methods we teach are proven and simple. The tools we hand down to you are priceless. The care we put in a Masterclass makes us proud. We tell you the truth, not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We clarify, organize and classify the information and practical applications into a power presentation, that will change your life forever.

We are not selling snake oils or quick fixes, we will blow your mind and set you on a path that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. We are thinking of long-term success, new realizations, cutting-edge research, up-to-date education, and guidance that is unique to our business model.

Because we care about you and because we have been overweight, confused, and lost for so long, we know we can help you! We fell for the marketers, we made many mistakes and we believed in liars; Until we didn’t and took things into our hands.

Sye Rodriguez’s education started before he was even born when his dad became Mr. America and trained with Bruce Lee. Sye wanted to grow up to be the oldest, young person. He researched and experimented with different diets and workouts relentlessly.

Csilla just liked to play and wanted to have fun forever so she got a Master’s Degree in Physical Education. She was visiting health food stores and tried every type of workout during her university years in Budapest, Europe.

Together we have 50 years of experience and we live and breathe wellness, fitness, and health :).

When my 8-year-old daughter asked me the other day if she can have candy, I just had to look at her before she answered her own question, “The better question is, have I had anything with protein in today, like beans or eggs, right Mom?”:)

Either you want to lose weight or tone up, you will learn timeless secrets of how to take care of yourself, work out, eat healthily, and according to your body composition goals. We will walk you step by step, on how to lose weight and build muscle, and believe it or not, it’s not going to be about endless cardio or starvation diets.

The Back To You Masterclass is about a Mindset, a Lifestyle Change, it’s about understanding the whys and hows. It’s about gentle guidance towards a better life, a healthier and more fit you.

When I walk on the street and see women who are not in shape, I just want to grab them and start to ask questions. I want to dig down deep into the roots of their problem and give them solutions. That’s my hobby, that’s what we are passionate about and can’t stop talking about. We used to have rules for our date night, no conversations about our kids or work. Lately, I am thinking we need to add, no talks about wellness, otherwise, nothing else gets attention.

I want you to feel the same. Inspired, Motivated, in Shape, in Charge, Prioritized, Taken Care of, Mind Blown, Hotness Factor through the Roof and Never Look Back Attitude Developed.

Participants of the Master class will automatically receive a copy of our “Healthy Fit Self” ebook. We will discuss endless nutrition tips, workout routines, weight loss formulas. We will talk about body fat percentage and how to change your body composition. Diets, popular misconceptions, training tips, and personalized path analysis.

In the last hour of the class, we will share healthy and calorie-conscious recipes, proven ingredients, tried-out snacks, and finger foods. We will make fresh and yummy snacks to share and eat guilt-free 🙂

Coaching and detailed, personalized wellness plans, for the short or long term, will be offered along with the free, healthy fit self book, at the end of the class.

Come, spend a few hours with us, on a beautiful, Saturday morning or take this as the first step of a fruitful, wellness relationship with us. Either way, you will leave, as a new person.

I spy Your Hottest Self and I Won’t Stop Until We Get You There!
It’s time to Turn Back To You!

This class would normally cost hundreds of dollars.  But instead of paying the true value of $999.00 you can register for the class today for a fraction of that, at ONLY $189!


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September 18, 9AM-1PM at 901 E. Main Street, Montrose, CO 81401, Tea Room Upstairs, $189 Total!